Monocular Astronomical Telescope 60X,18X

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This awesome monocular  Astronomical Telescope 60X,18X , come with  high quality materials ,is design like a  Monocular Space Astronomical Telescope, for beginners astronomy enthusiasts, your nights not was the same discover each new star and dust galactic come in to earth.

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This awesome monocular is for beginners astronomy enthusiasts, come with tripod and is excellent  gift for children and teenagers, build with two different magnification, observe different distances and sizes objects, easy carrier out for adventures and camping,

1.5X Just as mirror
90 degrees zenith mirror
Focal length: 360mm
Active aperture: 50mm (2.4 inches)
Oblique mirror: 90 degrees
Tripod most highly: 34cm
Theory resolution: 2.000 arc seconds
Color: Silver
Package weight: 0.933 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Astronomical Telescope, 2 x Eyepiece, 1 x Tripod

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 6 cm


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