• Bushnell 3X32

    Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision

    Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision Ideal for camping and beach waterproof resistant excellent for all family Runs on 4 AA batteries duration approximate 4 hours, also can video record

    Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision
  • Yukon Nvmt

    Yukon Nvmt 4X50 Night Vision Monocular

    Yukon Nvmt 4X50 Night Vision Monocular 50-millimeter lens capable of providing 4X night vision magnification with only starlight Fully multi-coated lenses decrease glare and improve light transmission Comes with protective

    Yukon Nvmt 4X50 Night Vision Monocular

Simmons 7MP ProHunter Cam with Night Vision 54 LED


Product ID : B004QM6WF0

List Price : $ 330.95

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Average rating: 4.1 , based on 1 reviews

Simmons 7MP ProHunter Cam with Night Vision 54 LED

  • IR LED night vision
  • 6 to 7 MP images
  • Video Mode
  • Rugged and field-ready
  • PIR Sensor with 45′ Range
  • 54 LED Night Vision Flash
  • SD Card Slot for Up to 32GB Cards

The most reliable hunting partner you’ll ever have. With an astounding seven months of battery life, a quick trigger speed of 1.6 seconds and up to 32GB of memory, our trail cameras are the industry’s preeminent blend of dependability and value. This Pro Hunter features a PIR sensor that captures wildlife movement up to 45′ away, storing fascinating still images to SD cards. Photos can be captured in the dark as well, thanks to the 54 LED night vision flash.

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4 Responses to “Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision”

  1. Amazon User says:
    33 of 37 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Manufacturing problems; Not really stealthy; Narrow field of view; Color only in daytime, August 19, 2010

    This review is from: Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision (Sports)

    There are a few different digital night vision monoculars out there, but I chose this Bushnell 3×32 monocular because it’s supposed to let you see in color (instead of black & white or green like the other ones) and it uses 4 AA batteries (instead of 6 like the other ones – most chargers only let you charge 4 batteries at a time, so I don’t want to have to use my charger twice in order to use the monocular).

    I didn’t see any reviews on this particular monocular though, so I took a chance and ordered it. My order didn’t ship for a while since it was on backorder, but I finally got it a couple weeks ago. I guess this product was just released, due to the fact that there were no reviews and it was on backorder at all retailers until 2 weeks ago.

    When I received the Bushnell 3×32 monocular, I noticed a few problems with it:
    - The IR indicator LED never turned on.
    - The power indicator LED never turned green like the manual mentioned – it was always a light-red color.
    - Whenever I turned the monocular off, I could never turn it back on immediately – I always had to wait a few minutes before it would turn back on.

    I contacted Bushnell customer support about these problems, and they confirmed that they were all problems, and that I could send it in for a warranty repair, but it would probably be easier and quicker for me to have the retailer exchange it. So that’s what I did.

    Now I have just received the replacement monocular. It does not have the power issue (having to wait a few minutes before being able to turn it back on) that the first one had. I can turn this one off and turn it back on immediately. But sometimes I have to press the power button a few times before it will turn on/off.

    There are still problems with the LED indicators. The IR indicator LED never turns on. The power indicator LED is still light-red, although I can see a faint green color appear/disappear whenever I press the IR button. According to the manual, the power indicator LED should only be light-red when the monocular is in auto-off mode. But it is always light-red (with an occasional faint green color on the right edge if I press the IR button), even when it is not in auto-off mode. Since both of the monoculars I have tried have shown these LED indicator problems, it seems to be some sort of manufacturing problem and not just a one-off problem with an individual unit.

    The replacement monocular also exhibited difficulty with closing the battery cover. I had to do some adjusting of the metal plate on the inside of the battery cover to be able to close it. The first monocular did not have that problem.

    Another problem with this monocular is that it is called the “StealthView II”. But it really isn’t all that stealthy, because whenever it is powered on in the dark, there will be a small beam of visible light that comes out of the eyepiece (I’m not talking about the IR beam that goes out the opposite end). If you are out at night holding the monocular right up against your eye, then no one should be able to see the light that comes out of the eyepiece. But once you move the monocular away from your eye, then that beam of visible light might shine on your face or your shirt or the wall behind you, and then other people or animals might see you. Not exactly stealthy.

    Now I’ve used the monocular a couple of times outside at night. The specs say it has a range of 300 feet. I’m not sure it’s quite that far – 300 feet would be almost the length of a football field, and I don’t think I was able to see that far. I think 200-250 feet might be more accurate. But whatever the range, if you are looking at something at the far end of the range, it will appear fairly dark and a little tough to make out. Also, the field of view is supposed to be 70 ft @ 100 yards. That may be accurate during the day, but it will be much less than that at night, since you won’t be able to see anything without the IR beam, and the IR beam does not light up the entire LCD – it only lights up a circular area within the LCD, causing the field of view to be smaller by almost 50%. And you also have to constantly adjust the focus if you want to view objects at different distances.

    Another thing is that it is supposed to let you see in color. Well, that’s only the case during the day when there’s enough light. If you use the monocular during the day (one of the advantages of digital night vision – you can use it during the day and it won’t get damaged unlike traditional night vision), then everything will appear in color, but if you use it in the dark, then everything will appear black and white.

    One of the things I wanted to be able to do with the monocular is to use it inside my house and look out the window at night. Like I said before, you really need to use the IR beam when there isn’t much light – in fact, the unit…

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  2. Vince Migliore "Fallen Guru" says:
    10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good for my purposes, December 15, 2010

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision (Sports)

    This is my first IR monocular, so it’s not referenced against other models. This monocular is just right for my needs. I want to scan the night sky and landscape for IR sources and lights, and it works well for that. Magnification is just right. The constellation Torus fits just right in the view field.
    Manual focus works great and it’s very precise for different distances. This means you have to focus manually for close items and again to see to infinity.

    Video output works well, if you want to record video.
    There is a push button to select 3 different levels of IR illumination intensity. When it’s at its brightest close items are washed out. I find I like the lowest setting best. The IR beam is a circle in the middle of the view; you might want to consider getting a stand alone IR light source if you need a wider illumination field.
    There is minimal background noise sometimes in night views which looks like rain falling down, but it does not interfere with clear viewing of distant objects.
    There is a slight chromatic aberration (splaying of colors) around pinpoints of light, but I would guess that is to be expected with the different focal lengths between daylight and infrared frequencies. With the manual focus you can easily reduce that.

    Literature claims a camera mount, but my model has just a slot with a short brass bar.
    Only thing on my wish list is to have a zoom function, but all-in-all I’m well satisfied with this unit.

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  3. Anonymous says:
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    What a disappointed purchase, August 20, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Bushnell 3X32 Digital Night Color Vision (Sports)

    I have never written comments, but this time, I feel I have to say something now. If any one of you would like to buy a real thing- which helps you see better in night, my simply recommendation is: Never Ever consider this one!
    Here’s why. I’ve bought 2 of Bushenell 3X32 night monocular in early Aug, 2012. (one is for myself and another is for one of my friends) Before that, I read all the comments in Amazon- actually there are only 3 comments. One of most useful comments I think is made by “Amazon user”- not know exactly who, but what he said were almost all valid even 2 years passed! And you can imagine now how poor the products’ qualities are!
    Let me come to some more details. The first one I get:
    - Could auto switch to IR mode, when light gets very dark or complete dark
    - You could still see images even in complete darkness when IR on, though the image is in a narrow circle
    - The image in the LCD is very in-stable, sometimes the LCD blinks and you could not see a clear image
    - Most worst, after half an hour use, the images disappeared and in the LCD you could only see a gray background, no images at all! This become true even I returned from darkness to bright area, still can see nothing! I turned off/on the power switches several times, it does not help! After wait for a day and I turned it on again, I still see nothing but a gray area, I have to give up trying anymore.
    - Sometimes, the power on/off switch does not work, and you have to manually take off the battery or shut down the power supply to get it switched off
    And here’s how the second one looks like:
    - No blinking, can see a steady image in the LCD in very weak ambient light
    - IR doesn’t function at all, which means you could never see any images in darkness.
    - Same as the first one, the power on/off switch sometimes does not work
    Besides, there’s quite some other small issues like LED lights problem I have would not like to mention any more otherwise I may go with a few pages of complains!
    Well, as you can see, I decided to return it back to Amazon, however, it still quite a long way to go, you know I’m now in China and would stay here for a few years! It’s not really that easy to ship it back to US and I’m gonna figure it out how can I do it before I can claim refund! It’s really an awful experience with this Bushnell products, I just can’t imagine how the products are qualified to ship and with all the knowing problem, how could it be without any improvement in 2 years!

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